I made my first rugs when I was expecting my eldest son, almost 10 years ago. I see a link: nesting, gestation, creation…

Before that, there was the fascination for textile and its manufacturing processes, and for rugs : their age-old and social culture, their warmth, their presence, accompanying us in our daily lives.

All the rugs on this website are handmade in my studio. I focus on quality, durability, a voluntarily slow rhythm, limited series, and local production.

I use an alternative technique. My rugs aren’t woven, nor knitted, knotted or tufted. I assemble fringes (called “marabout”) in different ways, resulting in organic shapes and patterns reminiscent of nature, a microscopic or aerial view of earth or space. I like my creations to open the imagination.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through.

To learn more about my work, have a look at my portfolio website, or read the short story of my machines. You will also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Laure Kasiers